What is dysphagia?

Dysphagia is a dysfunction in the swallowing process. It reflects a disorder of the transit of food in the mouth, pharynx or esophagus. People who suffer from it have difficulty chewing or swallowing and choke while eating. This inability, and the fear of eating that it causes, results in undernutrition which is itself associated with weight loss and recurrent infections. Dysphagia has led to a dramatic increase in mortality since it is directly related to untreated dysphagia.

Image visualizing the location where disphagia is occurring

Who suffers from it?

Dysphagia mainly attacks older people. The prevalence of dysphagia is 10 percent among people aged 65 and older. In Canada, an estimated 430,000 seniors suffer from dysphagia and in Quebec, 175,700 seniors are victims. Up to 70 percent of institutionalized seniors are affected by dysphagia.

Scientific studies conclude that people housed in long-term care centers suffer a lot of malnutrition, they are subject to significant weight loss and some literally die of starvation.

The consequences in Quebec

People with dysphagia have a 70 percent risk of becoming malnourished and when severe, this malnutrition carries a 13 percent mortality risk. In Quebec alone, dysphagia causes malnutrition in 123,000 seniors. It is estimated that around 16,000 of these individuals die or will die.

The treatment

The unappetizing purees and liquid foods (soft and mixed eating) that dysphagia patients are served can now be replaced by delicious products, adapted to their condition, with an appetizing appearance and the same nutritional values ​​as conventional foods. Epikura foods improve the health of dysphagia patients, give them the pleasure of eating again and improve their quality of life.

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