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March 2009

  • Article on the Vitagora website
  • Article in the newspaper Information du Nord, Vallée de la Rouge
  • Article in the Synergie journal of the Quebec Association of Health and Social Services Establishments, food file

February 2009

  • Publication in the International Journal of Food Properties

Textural Characterization of Pureed Cakes Prepared for the Therapeutic Treatment of Dysphagic Patients

January 2009

  • Article in the newspaper Information du Nord, Vallée de la Rouge

Dysphagia: the CSSS innovates in food for seniors

October 2008

  • Article in the newspaper Lesaffaires

Soft food that doesn't taste like hospital. Prophagia, two nutritionists tackle dysphagia with food products adapted to patients' needs

April 2008

  • Luncheon conference for deputies of the National Assembly of Quebec, press release

Article in Média Matin Soft eating makes a notable presence at the National Assembly


  • Article in Objectif Prévention volume 31, number 5 (Information review of the Joint Association for occupational health and safety in the social affairs sector). Report on the Mongrain show on TQS

The pleasure of eating

November 2007

  • Press release

“Tasting soft food: a Quebec innovation serving malnutrition among the elderly”

  • Report on the Mongrain show on TQS

«Le Grand Journal “New on the menu”

  • Article published in the newspaper Le Devoir

Prisoners eat better than elderly people in institutions

  • Article published in Le Journal de Montréal

Improved soft eating

  • Participation in the public consultation on the living conditions of seniors. Brief submitted to Madame Marguerite Blais, Minister responsible for seniors

Undernutrition following dysphagia among our elders, a hidden and ignored scourge

October 2006

  • Publication of positive clinical results obtained using Epikura technology in the Journal of American Dietetic Association

A Novel Dysphagia Diet Improves the Nutrient Intake of Institutionalized Elders

March 2005

  • Article on the front page of the newspaper Le Devoir

Revolution in the world of soft eating

November 2004

  • Report on the Radio-Canada television show Découverte

Menu for dysphagia


In recognition of its innovative nature, its usefulness and its effectiveness, Prophagia's technology receives the prize from the Quebec Hospital Association and its president, Thérèse Dufresne, an award of excellence from the Professional Order of Dietitians of Quebec .